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Coral Vue Hydros

Algae Identification

Donny Dutch

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I need help identifying some algae, photos are attached. Nitrates are near zerp, do not have the means to test phosphates at the moment. I used tap water initially but am using RODI now, I have done 4 12.5% water changes with RODI so far.


- 32 gallon biocube

- protein skimmer, heater at 78

- 2 months old

- about 20 lbs of live rock

- one yellowtail damselfish

- 4 snails, 8 hermit crabs





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Thought I would get email notified of comments, just saw these now.


I have a feeling it was cyano, I guess I’ll jus have to continue the water changes until it dissipates.

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Cyano often pops up in low flow areas where detritus collects. Manually remove what you can (pulling a small fish net through the area usually works pretty well but it looks like you have crushed coral for a substrate, so it may not, and the large pieces may be trapping gunge, causing the issue), and increase the flow. Also, try vacuuming the substrate to clean it a bit.

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