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pulsing xenia/ pulsing xenia


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the xenia i had puchased from the LFS was pulsing when i bought it, since day 1 in my tank, it has stopped pulsing, whats wrong with it?


will it die if it doent pulse?

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the faster pulsing xenia pulses the faster its growing. is it open?


if that weed is open and has light it will live. i can seem to kill the stuff, so i doubt yours is in trouble.




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it will be fine. xenias ship/transfer and acclimate horribly.


i have never heard that the faster they pulse the faster they grow......i think that is made up.

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I have xenia in my pico tank. The majority of it is at the top, right under the light and it pulses like mad. Another part of it fell off when I put it in and landed at the bottom of the tank and does not nearly get as much light. It barely pulses at all, cuz its reaching for the light. I have also found that mine likes very light flow. How is your xenia placement in your tank?

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20 gallon long, 65 watt PC corallife, i put it in the bottom at low flow.... now o placed it at the bottom /w medium flow...




i will try putting it at the top tmr... but i was told that for sure it was my alk.... i have no clue what alk is or what it does?


how do increase it?

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im sure the stuff will be fine. i got a frag from my lfs and it melted on me and the little heads went all over my tank and now i got little xenia growing every were -kyle

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Xenia pulse faster under low water flow. Try reducing your PH flow. Also check your PH. It should be 8.3 and stable. I could not keep them alive, until I started dosing. Now they are growing like weed and pulsing.


Xenias are great. Very dynamic coral.

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CT nano reefer

xenia is basically bullet proof..If you cant keep this stuff alive in your tank, I would think that you have a serious water chemistry problem,, get ahold of some descent test kits....don't add any thing to your tank, that you don't have a test kit for...

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