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Jed's 20G Long Frag Tank DIY


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I have a fluval evo 13 that is almost full of corals, some zoas are already reproduce a lot and i need somewhere to place them. I wanna buy bigger tank but not right now because i have a lot of expenses. So i bought 20 gallon long from petco $1 per gallon. 

I was thinking about drilling the tank and have sump, but then i don't want to make this frag tank simple. I read about HOB filter, so i bought Aquaclear 50, but then it was too small, so i returned it and get 110 for replacement. Attached is the tank and the HOB filter. With aquaclear 110 i will have space to make it as refugium.



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I am using intank media basket for my fluval evo, but those things are expensive, i am more to a DIY guy. So i was thinking about making it from acrylic and gluing the parts together. But I got another idea that i really want to try. 3D printing. So i bought a 3D printer for printing the homemade media basket.


Attached is my 3d printer and my fish room.



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because the printer is not big enough, i have to split the media basket into parts and later will glue it together. 
1st part is the side where water will flow from the top into the first chamber. I design something fast just to make prototype (I should use cardboard instead). Something like the attached photo. It was too short and not really fit.


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chamber 1 side panel iteration 2. make it longer and thicker with some extra part on the bottom to attach the side part later.

Since i forgot which one up/down or left and right, so i just printed my son's name.



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I realized that instead of cubes, i should make weir on the top to make the water flows better and i need to add those extra part on the side and some groove to attach tray for multi level chamber. This is the final version of chamber 1 right side. 


I will compile all 3d print files later when it is finish.



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