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kitchen sink strainer for sand


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I always had a problem trying to find the right product to sift the very top layer of sand in my nano reef tank.  I'm not sure this is the exact same product in the link, but I found it at walmart and works great on my fine to medium sand.




It's stainless steel, so i just rinse it off and dry it off,  Hopefully it doesn't have any chemicals that will contaminate my tank.

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i dont think its 316L stainless which is raited for salt water environments. 

At best its probably 304, and that does not last very long in salted environments. 

A kitchen for example would not require 316L... neither does a fresh water tank, so 304 is doable. 

But once you get into salted enviorments, not even the 304 stainless glass scrapers can escape without seeing rust after a few months of use  and not thoroughly cleaning it off.  

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As long as the salt is rinsed off well and it doesn’t sit exposed in the water for long periods, it should be fine. Most of the metal tongs and bone cutters aren’t 316L.

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