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Help with AI settings


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Hello everyone! I have an AI prime and I just upgraded to a lagoon 25 so I need to bump up the power on the LEDS to cover for the bigger tank, I want to know if my settings are ok or if I should just go with the BRS Ab+ settings. The only reason I’m not currently is because I actually don’t like the look of the Blue compared to RB. Any and all input is greatly appreciated 518C701A-6894-4CAA-BDBD-9D2A74E592B4.thumb.png.12bddefd59516fa5daf7d107b21c67d3.png

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Have never had an AI product, but these 100+% intensities make me crazy.  Pretty sure I don't trust any engineer who thinks 122% is a real value 😉

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It really depends on what the settings were originally.


You wouldn't want to go from 65% to 120% in a day.


The tank may be bigger but the corals need acclimating to higher light so slowly increase them.


As for the actual settings, everyone has different preferences. I use David Saxby's schedule but customized percentages.

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