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Which equipments do YOU use?


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Hi, everyone. I am Priyanka, and I am currently researching on fowlr tanks. I have a 20g high that I'd like to house a couple of clown (they seem to be the standard beginner fish but I am definitely interested in other options), a goby, or blenny or a similar fish, a shrimp and maybe a couple of snails in. Does 3-4 fish (which stay less than 5" even as adults), 1 shrimp and a pair of snails too much for the tank? 


Also more importantly, which equipments do YOU use for your own tank? There are so many different filters, powerheads, refractometers, heaters etc and I am confused. I don't want a super fancy, high tech reef tank. I just want a nice 20g high fowlr with live sand, rock (is live rock necessary if using live sand?) and only the absolute-must equipments I need to keep it running well (so as not to cause the fish and inverts any unnecessary suffering).

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Liverock is the biological filtration in saltwater. To avoid it in the tank you would need to run sponges in a filter.


You will want to research fish only saltwater tank set ups if you want to avoid rocks.


FOWLR- is fish only with liverock.





Bare minimum equipment, hang on filter rated for larger tank like seachem tidal 55 or the Aquaclear. I preferred the tidal as it has a surface skimmer and fully adjustable flow(its also quiet)


Heater- good ones are cobalt neotherm, eheim jagger, or aqueon pro.


Getting a heater controller like the inkbird is a good option as heaters are the most likely equipment to fail.


Powerhead- hydor koralia or maxijet are affordable and reliable.


Light - any led fixture since its fish only

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For a simple 20 gallon fowlr, I'd start with 15lbs or so of nice dry rock(or live rock if you want) for bio filtration, then get a good heater, and an aquaclear for surface agitation/flow and to hold filter floss for mechanical filtration and call it a day. Plus whatever light you want to use for viewing. 

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Thanks again. I kinda clean on filters that are meant for larger tanks (such as using a 30-50g filter for a 20g). More filtration definitely doesn't hurt. I have Penguin 200 HOB fw filter leftover from a few years ago...wonder if that can be modified in some ways to use as a sw...

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