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Cobalt C-Vue 26 Build

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Hey guys. I just wanted to show my C-Vue 26 gallon tank build I have been running for the past 6 months. 


Equipment list:

Lighting: 2 Kessil A80 

Heater: Neotherm 75 Watt

Flow: RW-4 

Skimmer: Tunze 9001 

Filtration: 2 InTank Baskets with filterfloss

Controller: Apex Jr 

      - Controls leds and ATO

      - Monitoring Salinity and Temp


Stocking List:

Fish: TBD








-Peppermint Shrimp

-Emerald Crab


Keeping the tank mates simple!

Current FTS 10/17/18:












I upgraded my 10x10x10 cube to this system when I saw Cobalt come out with this tank. I love IM tanks, but the guys at Cobalt did a great job in building a well thought out tank. 

Here is a picture of my old Pico before I upgraded.



Now to the C-Vue aquarium!



My first online purchase of a tank, and it seemed like the UPS delivery man didn't want me to be happy. It looked like the guy kicked the box right in the center of the tank shattering it into many pieces.


Things were much better second time around! Now to build a stand. I wanted to build my own to save a little money and make the stand exactly how I wanted.


Half way done!



Now we are getting somewhere! I also build a DIY tank lid instead of going with Cobalt's glass lid option.



A couple weeks later I got the tank rolling thanks to Jake Phillips at Biota for letting me find a cool rock to match the other rock work that came from my pico. 


Now one move from FL to NC, Three trips for two weeks each to make baby corals (My masters research project), one heater cracking in the tank, and a mass die off of four fish due to marine velvet. I am currently here today working to clean up the tank and make the inhabitants happy again. The Intank baskets and Tunze skimmer are here to help my filtration along with my weekly 5 gallon water changes.




Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts!



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Interested in this tank too. How do you find the silicon job done? 

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On 11/6/2018 at 10:43 PM, ramona said:

Interested in this tank too. How do you find the silicon job done? 

The quality on the tank is great. It seems like they were able to squeeze the silicone between the two angled edges. You can actually feel it on both sides of the glass. It was well done.

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