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Cultivated Reef

Sub-gallon stacking system .123G PICO


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I somehow finally came across your .123G PICO journal and WOW, I am truly impressed with your commitment, imagination, and dedication!  You put so much thought, time and energy into this project, just imagine if you scaled this up into something even crazier... like a .123g that drips down to a 2.5g to a 5.5g to a 10g to a 20g to a 55g to a 120g and then back up to the .123g, lol.  And maybe in each tank, you got a different biotope.  A pyramid of utter amazement.


Keep up the great work!

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I'm not entirely sure - didn't really try to look - I just shot some H202 down the supply line with a syringe, let it sit a little, flushed it out with the syringe and tank water, and then changed out the water in the bottom chamber (sump). 

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This had been running strong up until a few nights ago - I came home to the display tank filled to only 1/8 volume and pissed off coral - I tossed the hardscape into a frag QT; the montipora didn't make it, but seems all zoas will be fine. I plan to solve the error, add some upgrades and start it back up ASAP

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