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Pistol shrimp pulled a disappearing act


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I have recently upgraded my aquarium from a 15 gal biocube to a 30 gal long, and transferred all my fish over (1 tiger pistol shrimp 1 yellow watchman goby 1 firefish goby and 2 nassarius snails) everything was going amazing until I added 2 clownfish and a juvenile coral beauty angel. (I get that the tank is too small for it I plan on getting a larger space for it, possibly around 55 gal) And like magic the pistol sealed all the entrances and has disappeared. My first thought was they were nervous and I figured they would come out soon, it’s been 12 days and neither of them have shown themselves day or night, I’m beginning to become concerned as I’ve had these 2 for 2 years and they have never done this before. Should I be concerned or am I overreacting?

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I would be worried for your goby. I recently lost mine due to something similar when the pistol shrimp closed all the entrances. After 4 weeks, the shrimp finally opens up a door and the goby comes out. Super emaciated and weak. Unfortunately, the goby passed within 24 hours after that. I had this goby for a year before this happened.


If I could go back in time, I would slowly lift up the rocks and sift through the sand. My goal would be to try and get the goby out. The shrimp can care for themselves and find food easier than a non-sand sifting goby. 


Now, it would be different if they are just chilling in the back where you cannot see them. In my tank, I know for a fact that the goby was in the sand because there would be no where for him to go in my 10 gallon without me knowing. 


Better for your goby to be out and stressed a little than to be stuck in a hole starving.

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