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Nano cube lighting?


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Is the standard lighting that comes with the jbj nano cube bright enough to allow for an anenomy or two. If not how would I correct this problem without a great expense?

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I am not trying to be mean because I once wanted to know this question as well, but try the search. I searched "jbj nano cube lighting" and all kinds of threads showed up and they all answered my question. Give it a try.

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Please don't get any anenomes for your Nano Cube. They tent to need quite a bit of light to be happy. Even your tank is little to small for one as they also like to move around to look for light and better flow. Also, they're not that easy to take care of either. They need to feed in the right way without overfeeding your tank. They're very sensitive to water conditions. They need to be perfect with little temp change.


There are some people with Nano tanks that have them after a few light upgrades who seem to be keeping them OK. But in the wild, anenomes can live 100s of years. Most in tanks big or small die after a few years. People bragg about how much their anenomes have grown, but in the wild an anenome may only double in size in 10 years. Growing much , much faster in tanks doesn't seem to be to be a healthy responce though I don't know....



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