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All in one tank design


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Hi all,


I've decided to skip the whole sump thing cos of the drilling etc that i wanted to do to get it right attached is a set of plans for my new design.


What do you ppl think about the dimensions?


Any comments on the refugium would be great (i've never run one b4 :))

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i have a behind the tank refuge and i love it but i'm gonna do up a tank and was thinking of this too the only thing i want to know is if i hAve a sump style refuge will i still get culpera and such growing in the main tank as it is driving my nuts and my nano is only 2.5g so it takes over real fast if this is avoided by the sump being under it then i would go with that unless you dont mind picking in ur tank all the time, if anyone knows about this please comment as i also need info on these types of tanks thanks

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