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Jigsaw's 10G Coldwater Build!

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Wow, nice! They're a decent size! Pretty under the actinics too! What's next?

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@Aquatic Spendthrift They are not photosynthetic! I am actually feeding them every day, alternating between oyster feast (which they seem to love) and reef roids! When I feed oyster feast, they seem to extend a bit more afterward (wanting more!), but it could just be coincidence.


@Firefish15 Thank you! Yeah so I'll get a few better photos of these guys soon; my fiancee has a better phone camera than me lol, so I'll have to use hers to take some better photos!


Next on the list (probably next month, going slow to make sure nothing goes wrong) is a harem of Catalina gobies!

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I really like Catalina gobies! I had the opportunity to go scuba diving at Casino Point on Catalina Island, and those little guys were everywhere!

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