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Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums

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On 11/8/2018 at 7:46 PM, vegasgundog said:

The four horsemen....20181108_164411.thumb.jpg.c962e4acf32cf2c13e35a69a100b22b8.jpg


I have already sold off or given away a bunch of splits, still left with 2 in my tank, and debating if I should just go without them!!  So I feel your pain...


Hopefully your system sorts itself out, initially I thought you might not have enough nutrients, but you seem to be ok. 🙂 


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Oreo our elderly kitty always bugs me when I get into the cabinet for anything. Today she used what strength she has to crawl into my lap. I remember my 24 year old daughter moving her around in a baby doll stroller. I've been sitting now for about an hour with my back to the center support of the stand with her on my lap. As much as it would hurt me, I don't mind if she passes right here. My feet have fallen asleep a couple of times and my back hurts but this is the most comfortable she has been in days. Her once deep purr is little more than an echo in my lap. Her sister went two years ago and he giant golden retriever brother last year. Left foot is asleep again but I don't want to disturb her. 20181118_191051.thumb.jpg.a9980ad5c891c3207fb0244686efa650.jpg

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