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Say Halllo to myyy leeetle Fred, Vegasgundogs 120gal Planet Aquariums

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The story so far......


120 gallon Planet aquariums, displayed at MACNA.



Wife told me I'd get a MACNA tank, just not 2 weeks later



Cutting hole for plumbing





Painting background



Epoxy coating bottom of cabinet



Durso done and return lines done



New sump


So close......almost have initial plumbing design.


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Finally finished plumbing. Thought I had it done, but once I started gluing nothing fit and unions didnt join properly. Three more hours on plumbing....sheesh.1537817918050424717224753953812.thumb.jpg.f293c521219659105ee9429a8daf9dfe.jpg

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One step closer.....20180925_161832.thumb.jpg.84540d3a1df26e9001d30dec22ed50c8.jpg


Sunday may be the big move. Or I may get the midnight oil tank full and push through the night. Critters may not be happy about spending the night in an igloo cooler.....

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No midnight oil tonight for the fishes, but midnight project for some dry rock. Trying for something different from the lumps I have in the red sea. 20180926_001906.thumb.jpg.0e8186ebc99a60437d73bb42266be40d.jpg20180926_001906.thumb.jpg.0e8186ebc99a60437d73bb42266be40d.jpg20180926_001922.thumb.jpg.1ce58fdec5e01db390ba3a62bc133da5.jpg


and Max did some exploring...20180925_172054.thumb.jpg.86c9e7c3ae16877b067281781db05fbd.jpg


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Mail just got here and its "monday" for work and I've got an hour before I leave.......sudden bout of flu? Gaaaaaa! Dont want to go to work!!

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1 hour ago, Christopher Marks said:

It looks awesome @vegasgundog, great work! Tank upgrades are quite an orchestration, how did it go all in all? Have your arms dried out yet? 😄 

Sunday we moved, yesterday I spent cleaning the red sea e260. Today I'm planning on staying dry lol. I'll be throwing up more details later. I ended up with way more sand and rock than I wanted. Lots of tweeking coral placement and live rock moved a bit. Glad it's over for the most part.

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Sunday move started at 9am. But I needed an air stone so it was more like 1030. After about an hour, enough water and rock were removed to start catching fish. I used a specimen box like the lfs use and it went fairly well. Fast movers required 90% water removal. The one spot Fiji has grown a lot in a year and barely fit. He was none to happy and put up a fight. I just new I was going to get stung he was fighting so much in the box. But I didnt and he ended up in the cooler with everyone else. I scooped out most of the sand and as @brandon429  rinsed it out. Even saw Marc at melevs do it. Enough weight gone to move the red sea. This Planet Aquariums 120 sooo heavey.....20180930_135837.thumb.jpg.21a02dd9fb556b99f92ad54fd92dabb7.jpg





Oreo supervised......



The plumbing lines up perfectly the first try. 



Filling started well



Live rock and coral waiting to rehome



Break time...



Buckets everywhere 




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The durso worked perfectly! Then daughter tells me there is a leak. Everything had to be shut down. Plumbing design allowed for easy break down as designed. Luckily it was an easy fix, epoxy around a joint. Finished filling and placing live rock while epoxy cured.






530pm ....and it's fully wet. 




It was a very long day but it went better than I could have hoped. We kept a constant observation of the temperature in the cooler the fish were in. I was able to save probably 90% of the red seas water. I ended up with 20 gallons of left over new water. By time we were done, the new water and cooler water were the same and fish moved right in. Fiji freaked out for the first day and a half but is as calm as ever now. My wife woke me early Monday morning and said I need to look at the aquarium, she said Fiji was stressed and the shrimp was dead.....it was a molt..... Fiji was stressed but has acting like nothing has happened now.


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The starry blenny, Mr Grumpy, has not been seen since 😖. Hoping he didnt jump out the back and become dog food. Everyone came out for feeding except him.



It literally took seconds for the Harley twins to know food was around.


I worry I mounted the lights to far back in the hood. The light seems off up front. But the clam is fully open.






And during teardown of the red sea.....I found I now have three rbt....


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Fish are so happy😄 



Apex power bar full......rather than spend 250 on a new one, DJ bar mounted for other stuff.



Jaws cant decide where to live and be is making a huge mess.....





😢 four days.....still no mister grumpy.

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I was under the aquarium playing with settings for the Mp40s and for giggles I shut down the filtration and used the phone flashlight to look in the sock......





So first he went through 





And then...20180930_141037.thumb.jpg.dac58d2ffa7c3968d28d3eaea9f53170.jpg



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10/03 Wednesday 11:17 PM
Temperature: 78.9 °F
pH: 8.1 
Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 5 ppm
Salinity: 1.025 SG
Alkalinity: 8.8 dKH
Calcium: 448 ppm
Magnesium: 1425 ppm
ORP: 288 

Alkalinity is already dropping. 

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