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Double Arch: IM 20G Fusion - Upgrade in Progress


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Before my water change on saturday Alk tested at 5.3... It appears that weekly water changes are no longer keeping up with the demands of the coral. So ive picked up Red Sea's foundation solutions (Ca,Alk,Mg) and also their trace elememt program to slowly bring levels back up in my tank. Anyone have thoughts about their trace elements program?  Did it make a noticeable difference to coloration for anyone?

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10 hours ago, Dantrasy said:

Fantastic pics!




What has been your biggest challenge thus far?




Are you still using the spin nozzle?


Thanks Dantrasy!


I have struggled with getting an appropriate amount of flow to all parts of the tank. Since this is my first tank i wasnt thinking too much about how my  aquascape would affect the flow in the tank when I built it. There are still some dead zones in a couple places. I have messed with the powerhead placement a lot to find a spot where I am decently happy with the flow. 


 I am currently using a constantly on powerhead and the spin streams on the stock return pump. While the randomness from the spin streams is nice, they reduce the flow A LOT. I would like to try the RFG nozzles instead and eventually upgrade to a controllable powerhead. 


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22 hours ago, Dantrasy said:

Congratulations caas.  Your tank has the wow factor!

Thanks Dantrasy! I've been really enjoying watching everything grow and sharing the progress here on Nano Reef. Here are some more shots to mark the progress of the tank at 6 months. I also just ordered some Kamoer dosing pumps, so I'm excited to not be dosing by hand every day... 




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Christopher Marks

Congrats on your six month milestone @caas1496, your nano reef has really come a long ways! I am seriously jealous of your growing zoanthid collection, great new additions!


What was your favorite part of the Frag Farmers Market? Had you been to a big frag swap before?

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@Christopher Marks, Frag Farmers Market was my first big swap and it was so cool to see such a huge amount of coral all in one place! It was awesome to see pieces that very rarely pop up at my LFS and at such affordable prices. FFM really is a one stop shop for any coral you could want. 


It was also a great opportunity to talk with like minded people who understand the obsession... and to get advice from very experienced reefers.

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5 hours ago, debbeach13 said:

Your tank looks "Marvelous" hard to believe it is only six months old. What ever the equivalent to a green thumb in gardening is for reefing you have it.

A blue thumb maybe? 


5 hours ago, TILTON said:

Tank looks great!  Almost out of room already.  

Space is definitely getting tight. I want to let the corals grow out a bit more while i plan an upgrade 🙂


6 hours ago, DutchNanoReefer88 said:

Very nice looking tank! 😊

Thanks Dutch!

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Some sad tank updates and a new FTS. I unfortunately lost my Tail Spot Blenny which was my first fish 😞. I wasn't able to find the body and haven't been able to determine the cause of the loss. Most everything else in the tank appears to be doing great. Im also in the midst of a long battle with bubble algae. My first attempt to battle it was an emerald crab that has no interest in eating it. Im now a few weeks into treating the tank with Vibrant and it finally seems to be having an effect. Overall the coral is healthy. My Jedi Mind Trick monti that was bleaching a few weeks back seems to have regained a lot of its color. The tank upgrade is still a work in progress and I am hoping to get around to creating a new tank thread for it soon. 


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It has been too long since I updated this thread. I will have to post some new photos soon. The montis are taking over. I need to do some serious fragging because they are shading out many of the corals below them. If anyone local to the NJ area wants some chunky monti, hollywood stunner or birdsnest frags let me know.

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Some long overdue FTS to document tank progress. The montis are taking over and shading out a lot of the corals below them. If anyone around New Jersey wants some monti frags or hollywood stunner chalice I can make you a great deal on some large pieces.



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On 9/4/2019 at 4:03 AM, Wonderboy said:

WOW. All caught up - super interested to see what happens next  :]

I have been working on a 40 breeder upgrade as well. It is moving along slowly but making progress. Recently got the DIY sump finished just need to do the plumbing. 






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