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skyscraper’s PicO III Reboot (5 Month Update 2/19, tons of photos)

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5 hours ago, k4ndyk1ng said:

Beautiful tank

Thank you!!

1 hour ago, DaveFason said:

Great to see this tank back from the dead. Keep up the great work! 


Thanks Dave! It’s great to have the tank up and running again!

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14 hours ago, skyscraper2290 said:

So was out of town for about a week for Thanksgiving but the tank did good. Had some dirty glass when I got home and had the birdsnest knocked over by a snail probably and it lost some tissue but that was the only bad thing to happen while I was gone. Took some time to get some photos tonight of the tank including a new FTS. I pulled one of the rocks out that was going to be a ricordea rock and am really happy with how it looks now. I don't really plan on adding anything to the tank and just let it start growing out. Also in the FTS you can see the turaki at the bottom that RTN'd as soon as it was being dipped, I decided to leave it in because the clown goby likes to hang out in it. I also have my Duo back over the tank and the coral have already started responding well, thanks @DaveFason!! He worked on the light through 2 hurricanes and kept me updated and was great to work with again. It's so nice having wireless control of the light now, I really like the feature! 







Captain Americas and Hawaiian People Eaters



No name zoas, really liking the coloration these are starting to show, ID welcome!



Scrambled Egg's



Maryjanes, you can see a wonderful strand of dog hair that probably got in there during my WC



Spit Fire



Frostbrite's, these are quickly becoming one of my favorites, I wish I could capture how bright these really are!



Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxea, originally got this as a single head and now its showing about 5-6



Rock Flower Nem and you can see one of the Sexy Shrimp hanging out on it



Pearlberry, really love the color of this one



Grafted cap, showing better colors after fading a bit under the temporary light I had



Splatter hammer, one of my favorite corals for sure


Just carrying over to the new page 

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Went by my favorite LFS today with no plans on buying anything but couldn’t resist. They had these really interesting colored hammers that I had seen before so bought one with 3 heads. Really unique color and came from the owners personal tank. I am going to need to move one of the other hammers when I mount it on the rock but should be pretty easy to do. 


New Hammer



Hammer garden, you can see all the different colors with the purple way in the back.



Sexy shrimp waiting for his photo to be taken on the flower nem


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WOW!!! Super nice tank. I really like your choice of fish. Very colorful.

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On 12/1/2018 at 8:39 AM, dling said:

WOW!!! Super nice tank. I really like your choice of fish. Very colorful.

Thanks! My goal was to have a very peaceful tank and there are some awesome nano fish that fit the bill! 

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So this is more for my own documentation than anything else but just wanted to put down my maintenance and feeding schedule. I am closing in on the 3 month mark and am really happy with where the tank is right now. Besides maybe adding a few select corals I am basically in grow mode so will be focused on weekly consistency of maintenance and with that and having the Duo back I think I’ll see good growth soon. The main reason I think I have been able to go so fast is the Red Sea Reef Mature Kit. Great coralline growth and rocks are looking very live and have had stable nitrates between 2-5 with my current routine.



2 x 2.5G WC per week (Sunday, Wednesday) 

Change filter floss during each WC

Filter out back chamber during each WC

Stir sand during each WC

Turkey baste rocks during each WC

Dose 1.5ml NoPox after each WC

Scrape glass with razor 1 time per week

Use magnet glass cleaner 3-4 x per week


Feeding (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday)

1/8th cube frozen

Pinch of Coral Frenzy

Pinch of Flakes 

5-8 Pellets

Pinch of Algae strips

Red Sea Part A+B (2 x per week, after WC)


Tank Inhabitants 

Hifin Goby and Pistol Shrimp

Green Clown Goby


Rainford Goby

Sexy Shrimp x 3

Halloween hermit

Blue legged hermit

Red/Blue legged hermit

2 asteria star snails

1 margarita snail

2 small asteria snails

4-5 small nassarius snails

2 large nassarius snails

1-2 cerith snails


Coral List

  1. Utter chaos zoa
  2. Armor of God zoa
  3. Green tipped branching hammer
  4. Blue ric with green base
  5. Red Yuma
  6. Green centered acan 
  7. Scrambled eggs zoas
  8. Sunny D zoas
  9. Space monster zoas
  10. Hawaiian people eater zoas 
  11. Spit fire zoas
  12. Pink hippo zoas
  13. Fire and ice zoas
  14. White walkers zoas
  15. Maryjane zoas
  16. Unknown name Zoas
  17. Purple tip branching hammer
  18. Duncan 
  19. Blue/red acan 
  20. Purple acan
  21. Red Monti with yellow polyps 
  22. Purple/brown milli 
  23. Fall colors acan
  24. Sunset Millie
  25. Sonic the headgehog galaxia 
  26. Green rimmed acan
  27. Splatter hammer 
  28. Birds nest
  29. Pearl berry acro
  30. Frost brite zoas
  31. WWC grafted monti cap
  32. Red w orange polyps encrusting monti 
  33. Unknown green/brown acro
  34. Captain America zoas 
  35. RFA
  36. Toxic splatter hammer
  37. Green acro
  38. DC Starry Night acro
  39. Rasta zoas 
  40. Jedi mind trick monti 
  41. Blue/green indo hammer


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Got the last hammer mounted and moved a couple things around yesterday during my WC. Tank was looking really good when I got home from work so took a couple photos to show a new FTS and more of the hammer garden. 




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12 minutes ago, ninjamyst said:

your pics make me want to get a trio of firefish again!

Do it! They are such beautiful and interesting fish!

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Won the October photo of the month contest in a local reef club and I got a $25 credit from a local guy so picked up a nice torch tonight, already looking good!




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5 minutes ago, ninjamyst said:

nice!  which photo won?

It’s back on page 2, it’s the one with the hifin goby and pistol shrimp hanging out next to each other in a burrow entrance!

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5 hours ago, Reefkid88 said:

Daaaaaang dat torch is noooice !!! 

I know I couldn’t resist! He had a couple really nice ones that weren’t for sale too

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On 10/1/2018 at 8:24 PM, skyscraper2290 said:

Pistol Shrimp and Hi Fin Goby (Harry and Larry)


Great photo and a nice new torch coral! 👌


These two characters will provide endless entertainment!

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1 hour ago, Christopher Marks said:

Great photo and a nice new torch coral! 👌


These two characters will provide endless entertainment!

Thanks for pulling that picture up! They are awesome to watch, have like 4-5 burrow holes now! 


2 hours ago, ninjamyst said:

get a gold torch next =P.  $$$$$$$

And a black one haha

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Took a couple top downs today before I did my water change. I'm starting to see some growth on the WWC Graphed Monti that is looking nice, also the clown goby was hanging out for photos too. 



Just absolutely loving the color of the Pearlberry.



Really loving the way the hammers are looking, the one in the top middle I think I need to move again and find a happier spot. You can also see the rock flower nem moved into the middle of all of the hammers. 



Just love the bright green of the torch and the white tips. Quickly becoming a tank favorite. 


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1 hour ago, Reefkid88 said:

Tank is looking really good. That torch looks incredible. 

Thanks! Now I want more torches though haha! Tuesday will be the 3 month mark for the tank so I’m really happy with where it’s at. 

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Keep meaning to take a bunch of photos for the 3 month mark of the tank but have been waiting for the Duncan, ric, and Yuma to go first. The guy picked them up yesterday so snapped a quick top down before feeding tonight, this is sent straight from my camera to my phone with no editing done and I would say is really close to what I see. You can see above the pearl berry that one of the milli’s I got is starting to color up nicely and is looking very green at the moment. I’m still struggling to find a good place for one of the hammers that you can see is now in the bottom left where the Duncan used to be but still closed up. May need to move it again and keep trying to find a happy spot for it.




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Really great work! Excellent updates each time and great pics!!


I just started cycling my 20G cube AIO (WaterBox) and am hoping to pick your brain a bit! 


What settings are you running on the Duo? I have the LPS+ preset loaded up for now, but may adjust the midday levels a bit to lessen the 20k look (add to white and subtract from blue). Also, after consulting @DaveFasonI lowered my fan percentage to %60 to quiet it down a bit. Is the fan loud at all to you at the %80 preset? Mine sounded like a laptop fan when they kick on. Not bad, but certainly a lot louder than the AI Prime I had originally setup.


Sorry if I missed it, are you using any lid?







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