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2x ai prime hd for sps 40 breeder?


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Yes, I think 2 AI Prime's would be sufficient for a 40b. Especially if you kept the really high light demanding SPS in the middle and/or near the top. Though I'd think you could probably keep other SPS throughout the tank with 2 primes.

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Well its 36L x 18 Wx 16 or so tall. Yeah id never kept sps before but didnt want to purchase something incapable now, to only sell it for something better down the road.



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54 minutes ago, DOJOLOACH said:

Would 2x hydra 26 be better? I read the par rating on ai primes is not strong enough for sps at the sandbed. 



I have sps mid level under a cheap fixture. I've also grown sps under par38's.


I just got a monti which was kept under metal halides. My Micmol(not name brand)led fixture is too much for the monti. It's starting to get bleached.


You will read all sorts of stuff on keeping corals.


From what I see- ppl are keeping corals under more light than necessary and then often having to drop the percentages



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I would try the 2 primes. If you want more add a 3rd later. And to the point if a prime can grow sps on the sand bed.. well I dunno maybe , but imo if you have a light turned up enough to grow high light demand corals 16 inches down on the sand bed what will your par be on top? Probably too high and you will bleach everything on top..

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3 hours ago, DOJOLOACH said:

Would 2x hydra 26 be better? I read the par rating on ai primes is not strong enough for sps at the sandbed. 



I had 2 Prime HD over my 40b and thought that 3 would be better. I ended up getting 2 x Hydra 26 HD for an amazing price, so ended up getting those. I think this is a better option if you can afford it. Keep an eye out in the for sale forums, I see them come available opten for good prices.

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4 hours ago, DOJOLOACH said:

What about blackbox lights? Any good ones like marsaqua? Im havingto rethink this whole build due to funds

If you get the black box you will want either 2 x 165W or a single 300W. I would recommend the 300W Viparspectra. It has a better spectral mix than the Mars Aqua, has some controllability, and only uses a single power cord. 


I originally tried one 165W Mars Aqua, but is simply couldn't cover the entire tank adequately.

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8 hours ago, DOJOLOACH said:

Excellent. One light would be preferred i think. Hopefully it had the uv leds too that will make things pop!



Unfortunately, it will be VERY difficult to find a black box using true UV LED's as they are still quite expensive. While it does not have UV, it has Violet 420nm in addition to the Royal Blue and Blue. The Mars Aqua only has the Royal Blue and Blue LED's.




If UV is something you really want then you will probably need to get an SBreef SBox like this one (which has 395nm UV LED's):



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I had a 40b with 2 ai primes, while very good, I'm thinking with sps, you would need to watch placement of sps.  primes really shine in a 12 inch square, so  I would strongly consider 3, or maybe go for one hydra 26 and then another hydra 26 for later.   an alternative would be radion xr15 g4 pro,  two I would think cover the 40 flawlessly.   or better yet..    2 ai primes with the aquatic life t5 hybrid.      that would probably be about perfect and smooth out light output. 

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