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Mini-jet 404 Sucking fish to death


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I put a new very cute clown goby in my tank Saturday at noon, it did great, swam around all happy. At 9, it was tail out in the powerhead intake. Any one else have this problem? It happened when I first got the tank and someone gave me a little fishy. I emailed the manufacturer to see if I'm missing a filter or soemthing and they said nope, and it happens soemtimes. Anyone else have suggestions?

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in your sig it says 2 PHs. if both are 404s (i have two myself) cut back on the flows. i've had snails crawl all over the intakes without a prob - mine are at the last position - in a 10g tank. if more flow is needed, try a hob filter (i use an ac 300 with a mini impeller). this will help stir the surface as well as have a place to add chem. filtration if necessary.

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Hum my reply disappeared.


That's tragic. Clown gobies are far too cute to come to an end like that. I've read a few similar posts here, way back. I think some reefers put foam prefilters on the intakes.

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