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Need help, just starting out


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Hi all,


I've been researching for awhile, and would like to start a 12 gallon nano reef (with a JBJ nano cube) someday in the future. I know that a nano isn't the easiest first SW tank to maintain, but I'm willing to do the work and the research, and I'm definitely up to the challenge. :) My apartment doesn't have the space for another large tank, anyway. I've been keeping FW (mainly cichlids) for quite some time, and am currently setting up a few planted tanks.


I'm aware that JBJ will be releasing a new model soon with double the wattage, but I've already seen some amazing things done with the original. Will increasing the light increase the maintenance and equipment necessary, like with FW planted tanks?


I'm planning on using about 12 or 13 lbs. of precured Fiji live rock and about 20 lbs. of live sand, mixed with crushed coral or aragonite. What ratio of live sand to "normal" substrate should I use? In addition, I'd like to fishless cycle using only the live rock and live sand. With precured live rock, is this acceptable? How do I properly prepare it? I've seen several conflicting opinions.


Here's my tentative stocking list for the nano cube. I have no idea what corals to use, so I'm looking for some suggestions. Drs. Foster & Smith has a nice nano selection I've been looking at:




Anyway, here's my complete stocking list as far as critters.


1 Fridmani Dottyback (Pseudochromis fridmani)

1 Fire Goby/Firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica)

1 Green Reef Chromis (Chromis viridis)

1 Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis)


From what I've read and seen around the 'net, I hope this isn't overdoing it. I'd probably add the shrimp first after the cycle, and take it very slow from that point on, as far as adding the three fish goes. Sound good?


Thanks for any info!!!

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if you really want a nano cube then go for it but i wouls suggest a 10 glass with a 96 watt powerquad, i like them better i decided to change froma nano cube to a diff tank. they wern't as good as i though, but i would also suggest getting more than one green chromis i have 4 in a 40 gallon and they are awsome becuse they school and dart about the tank togeather but just my 2 cents

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Thanks for your reply!


I really like the nano cube because of its deeper footprint. I dunno, I just like the layouts better because of the less narrow shape. But I'll keep your suggestion in mind.


Two chromis plus the firefish, dottyback, and shrimp is too much, isn't it? I'm not sure if I want to take out one of the others to include another chromis. But maybe that will be an option somewhere down the line.


Thanks again for replying!! :)

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