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Finnex, JBL or BOYU

The Legion

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Anyone of you know a online webshop where europeans can order online ?


Hopefully with the use of creditcard/Visa.


Im the lucky guy that got a parttime job and Norways biggest Zoo and I work at the aquarium department, with 250 freshwater tanks and 10 satlwater tanks. The shop imo lack equipment for saltwater tanks/equipments, so I was thinking of buying one of these tanks, most of you guys use :)


Fishes etc I buy cheap from the shop. Just need the tank :)


I will be gratefull for any help :)

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Hmmmmm..you might try the Boyu web site. I remember seeing some of them for sale when I was Finland a few years ago. I'm sure you can the address of their dealers around rhe world from their web site.



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Hey there :)


Thanks for the reply!


I am really interested in that Finnex m-tank after reading some good posts about it.


Only dumb thing its hard for us Europeans to get it over here, I sendt Finnex a mail now, so cross my fingers for someone that sends it :(

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hej hej


sorry, US equipment run on 110/120 not 220/240 volt!


petworld.dk in denmark has the "imazo ab guppy tank" its like the nanocube/boyo and in a 45liter (12g) and 80 liter version...

the nearest shop is in Aarhus, you could take the ferry and drive here (or have it shipped)...maybe write them an email first or call them..

an no i dont work there :)




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Thanks for the advice m8 :)


I got this mail from Finnex doh :




Thank you for your interest in our M-Tank. I am sorry to advise you that

M-Tank has been discontinued.






Thanks for the help guys!

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