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blood vs skunk


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whats the difference between blood and skunk shrimp besides the price? do they perform different rolls?



the blood shrimps look fatter and are more red... are they harder to maintain?

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blood tend to be a little more shy...(when first introduced)


i've kept bloods for couple months now and i think their shyness decreases the longer they've been in your tank. when i first got mine, i didn't see it for 2 days... after that, he's been out cleaning my fingers and stealing food like a maniac. also, if you have a large tank, get a couple of bloods, they tend to be more "brave" in groups... as for the skunk, all i hear is that they're on crack.... going crazy when they smell food.


get the shrimp that you like better, in the end, they just end up stealing food anyways... :)

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i know, but blood shrimps are very expensive..... very... i mean, for a couple of bucks u can get like 20 frozen shrimps... and for 1 live one.... it will cost an arm and a leg...LOL


i'm getting rid of my peppermint, it sucks, and today while the skiunk was cleaning... the peppermint grabbed my clowns tail and tried to drag it away it happened 3 times then i had to take all the rock out and net it.....

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i like blood shrimps b/c i think they're more attractive than skunks... we have locals here that sell them for $17 USD, but in the LFS, they cost about $20 - $30 depending on where you get them... if money is a concern, get the skunks...


if you don't care about money, then just get whatever pleases your eye :)

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i think i might get rid of one of my peppermints, I have 2 of them and one skunk, i will get rid of one of the peppermints when i get my pistol shrimp, why did the peppermint grab your fishes tail and drag it off, i haven't seen mine doing that yet

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Bloods here are $50.00, skunks are $30.00. Pepperments are $20.00 so are coral banded shrimp. I want one but I am scared to buy one that's alot of money for a blood.


The same store sells huge corals for $45.00...crazy.

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