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Help! White cloudy crash!


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AHHH. I can't believe I'm writing one of these posts! My tanks was beutiful this morning and then 1/2 hour later it was white and cloudy. I'm assuming my macro went sexual. I pulled it all out of the fuge and did a massive water change right away. Nothing looks bad. All the corals look okay so far and my clown seems fine. The Macro looks normal too. It didn't turn white or anything.


So, I assume what happend was this: I added a good bit of new life over the past week (including a fish for the first time yesterday) so I'm guessing I got an ammonia spike (haven't had a chance to test the H20). Would this cause the algae to go sexual? Also, I haven't trimmed it in a couple of months cuz it didn't look over grown. What ever the cause, that's probably what happened right?


My question now is what to do with the algae? Should I clear it all away and start over, or just trim it way back and let it re-grow? Also, since I caught it with in a half hour of it happening and did about a 50% water change, what are the odds that stuff will pull through okay?


Thanks! I can't believe how lame this is!!!

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So, after my water change, I tested everything and it's all below detectable levels. Maybe it just went sexual cuz I didn't trim it enough.


Thanks for the response balla. I sure hope nothing dies. It all looks good at this point. I've read about tanks crashing cuz of this, though. I guess I gotta go find a source of chaetomorpha. Now I'll be paranoid.


ten % water changes for the next couple days I guess...

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