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Scrubbing Live rock?


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I've ordered Seagel to help with phosphates, changed to DI water, and have a dozen snails on the way to help. Right now, the hair algae is completely out of control and I'm really looking at starting over. I think that by scrubbing down the live rock, and taking these other measures I hope to get ahead of the problem before it starts up again.

What is your opinion on Scrubbing live rock...

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had identical problem and took same measures you are...took a couple hours...had to repeat a few days later on a couple rocks where I did not get the first time but...problem solved and has never come back and the tank is still rockin :)

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the algae is just exporting nutrients. if you get your nutrients under control, you won't have to scrub too many times. be gentle. better to weed than total eradication with a brush. don't want to wipe out everything on the surface.

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