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Huh what killed my cleaner shrimp?


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I woke up to day to find my little cleaner shrimp lifless at the bottom of my tank. I tested water before going to school and it was good. I had had it for 3 days could it have starved he never ate and when i put in some cyclop ezz it went nutty for it only got a little though. I also have some button polyps althogh i think their zoos the person who sold them wasnt a genious like some of you. A nassarious 4 astreas 2 red legged hermits and one blue leg. I was still working on my cleanup crew so i bought him i had already had the 4 astrea and 3 hermits for a week til i got him.


What do you think happened


Ps i put in this shell that was origanlly used as a hermit crab dish for our land hermit crab but he never ate out of it so i scrubbed it soaked it in vinegar let it dry scrubed it agin soaked it again let it dry agin then put it in when i put it in though some white stuff floated to the surface could this have caused it?

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mine got eaten by stinking peppermint shrimp i am taking them back this week and getting an emerald crab, and pistol shrimp, no more peppermints though for my cleanup

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at least i am pretty sure the peppermints killed him water params were perfect, and teh shrimp looked fine IT WAS THE PEPPERMINTS, they are gettin cuffed and stuffed into a fish bag and going back to the lfs, and i am goin to see if they will let me feed them to a larger fish, WAIT I have oscars, anyway goodbye peppermint shrimp justice shall be served in the form of being Eaten alive by oscars

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Originally posted by booboo

was he molting :*(  do you think i threw him in the trash before he had a chance to finish :*(  he was updide down though at the bottom of the tank

No. They normally hold on with their toes when they back out of the old cuticle. Lying on the bottom isn't part of it.
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the funny thing is that every time i would go to the lfs before i even thought about getting a cleaner shrimp they would have them, when i did get one it became my fav shrimp so far, and then he dies, and the fish store has not gotten one single cleaner shrimp in now for 3 freakin weeks

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