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Black & White Percula/Ocellaris


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Hey Reefers,


Where can I find black and white percula or ocellaris clowns? I know they're out there somewhere. I want two of them, solid black and white like the pic attatched. No other color anywhere.

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I saw them at liveaquaria.com under the fish section. They are about $34.00. I also want one, but the problem is that if you order a fish from there they are going to charge you the $34.00 plus an automatic $26.00 for shiping? I rather wait to see at LFS. They are awsome looking though. Where did you get that picture from?

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Actually, they don't have any... I just emailed them asking about that particular fish and this is what Drs. Foster & Smith said:


Dear xxxxxx,


Thank you for your email.


We apologize that at this time we do not have both of these fish available. The Ocellaris Clownfish on our web site is the false Percula Clownfish. Whether they are raised in the Europe or the United States they will still be the orange and white clownfish. The only difference is where the fish are raised. At this time we do not have the black and white clownfish available, and do not expect them in for some time. Since we do not expect to get these fish in we had to remove them from our web site.


Again we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If we can be of any additional assistance, feel free to contact our Live Aquaria Department at 1-800-334-3699 or via email at customerservice@liveaquaria.com and we will be happy to answer any question(s) you may have.




Drs Foster & Smith

Aquatic Services


I ended up going to a LFS called Pacific Reef here in Southern California. You can contact them ( http://www.reefpacific.com/contact_us.htm ) and see if they will ship to you. I believe I paid $19.99 + tax for one. Mine has a yellow face and fins but from what I understand, as these fish go from juvenile to adulthood, the yellow will eventually become black.

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I don't mind paying extra, I understand that they are a rarity, it's just managing to find them that's the hard part. I am not willing to risk a yellow/orange part anywhere on the fish unless I was sure beyond all shadow of a doubt that it would turn black or white. If I am paying the money, I want what I am looking for, ya know? As for where I got the picture, I did a search on yahoo, and found that pic from somebody's tank that has this beauty. Not for sale, of course. *pouting*

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I bought 2 false percula's today, one black and white and one orange and white at my local lfs. Put them in my 12 gallon hex and are going to see if they enjoy each others company :) They are running a special on them 2 for $19.99 or 1 for 13.99. They are located in socal and had a big tank full of them. Let me know if you want their number to see if they are willing to ship.

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I definately want two black and whites, as long as that's the only color on their bodies. What's their number and do they ship? If they say no to shipping, tell them I have money, and I WILL spend it to get what I am after. I need them to be small, preferably 3/4" each, no larger than 1.5" each. The idea is to get a pair for possible breeding. In any case, I want at least 1. Thanks.

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Well I don't really know them personally so you'll have to call and ask them. Anyway their number is (626) 330-4716 and their address is-

Hacienda Aquatics

1075 N Hacienda Blvd,

La Puente, CA 91744

9am-8pm pacific time

Hope this helps...

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oh yeah and about the size i got them both around 3/4". I had to look through the whole tank to find a small black and white one(the employee had a hard time catching the one i wanted cause he was hiding in an anemone haha). They had alot of big ones like over 1 inch and over. i'm pretty sure they still have some more...

i just looked and the one i have is black, white, and yellow. Basically the mouth area and two of their fins are yellow.

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Malawi, are they only black and white with no other colors on the body? Answer yes, and you've just won yourself the chance to buy them for me, ship them, and profit in the process.

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Originally posted by NanoReefTexas

No results yet :(




I just found out from my buddy he decided to keep them... since they are so cute and his wife & kids really like them in his new 300gal tank...


Will let you know if they spawn...



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I got mines last year from a LFS in the SF Bay Area. When I first got her, she was small but not fully black and white (had a tinge of orange around the mouth). She eventually lost all of her orange coloration after 3-5 months. I think it's gonna be really hard to find one that's both small and all B&W. I've also heard that the black coloration of B&Ws can vary too, but if you buy an ORA raised B&W Ocellaris then you should be fine. Good luck in your search!

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This is getting so frustrating, damn the virtue patience that we as reefers must apply! I want one now! now! now! Goddess, and I get on to my 2 year old for throwing tantrums... heh. Maybe I should just buy a little one with an orange face, and hope for the best. If nothing else, I can always sell/trade it later right? My first clownfish love was and still is the white stripe maroon. Now if I could have a well behaved maroon AND a black and white ocellaris in the same tank, that would just be sweet. I know, I know, that's asking for a miracle. (Or a fight to the death.) Le sigh...

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