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20L Pic and Video


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I ran out of space on the CF card so I only got a single pic and small video of the Seio flow in the tank. I've got 4 75W VHO's waiting to be put into a still unbuilt hood for SPS and zoo prop or I may sell the tank and only keep two. Haven't decided yet.




Short video of the beginning flow of the Seio 820 in the tank.


I'll update this thread with more info as I upgrade the tank.


Tank is a 20L with Remora w/MJ1200, Seio 820, MiniJet 606 (on with the lights for deritrus blow around if needed), CSL 2x32 ABS hood (10K and Act 03), and 4x75 VHO waiting to go on the tank. A few shrooms and zoo's are in the tank right now along with a chalk bass and fireshrimp.

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Aggie-I may sell of this tank to focus (And to allow for more power) on the 29G but I'll keep you informed either way. With the depth I won't have any colors keeping some sweet SPS. Growth will probably be slower than MH lit but sometimes that's a good thing esp. in small tanks. :)

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its constant, the reason for the blast is because the sieo sometimes creates a tornado when to close to the surface... and thats just air dispursing.. i had the same problem... but then i ended up just adding the outer casing. it makes it bigger but it doesnt create that huge blast of air..

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doody-Check out reefcentral's forums for info on them. It's on constantly but the flow is much more random than what I could do with MJ1200's.


Nin-The blast is from me pouring in a kalk slurry not from air being sucked in. I have experienced that when I was first positioning them but now they're all good at the current depths (29G included).

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