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Check out fragpacks.com!


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Fragpacks.com is one of the new vendors in our sponsor list and they had the metallic green frogspawn w/ pink tips I've been trying to find for the past month!


So I quickly placed an order for it since it was a VERY reasonable price considering its size and colors...and I wanted to contact Jim, the owner, to see if he received payment and to inquire about shipping since they don't have a flat rate and base it on ACTUAL shipping rates.


Jim actually has his AIM sn under his contact info so I IMed him. IMing w/ vendor is a great idea...cuz it was so conveniant to just ask him questions in real-time (and it was like 2 AM)...he even put up w/ my newbie questions!


Anyways, he gave me the shipping rate. and he then suggested that I confirm for myself by typing in the ZIP in fedex.com. That's really cool of him to do that since it shows what an honest guy he is...and I did check; and it was correct.


He got some nice zoo's too and the ones pictured and priced are for LARGE colonies...he has many frags too under his nano-packs...Jim is a cool guy and he spent a lot of time w/ me on IM showing me pics of stuff he hasn't posted yet...actually saw some nice eagle eyes too so I scooped those up as well...so of course I'm gonna give him this rave review...haha.


DO check out fragpacks.com! Jim is a great guy and he's willing to chat w/ us consumers...


Oh, and here are the coral I got from him (taken directly from his site w/ his permission):


This frogspawn looks amazing and is the actual one I'm getting this Friday! Can't wait to see em under metal halides!




OH! And even tho this frogspawn says "SOLD" on the site, he actually has ANOTHER frag of this same frogspawn (both from his original mother colony) available! Just IM him or give him a call!




Cool eagle eyes not shown on the site...not the actual piece I ended up choosing, but all the same stock.

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I just recieved my Nano 6 Pack yesterday and it was exactly wat I was looking for. I am somewhat of a beginner, I have a 20 gallon(10months, fish only with live rock) and a nano cube(6months, live rock only) I had been searching online for small frags for fairly cheap so I could get started in reef keeping but everything was fairly expensive, plus I am more into buying small watching it grow. Its kinda like having a kid(I dont have one) but I would rather start from age 0 and watch them grow then start at say age 25.


I stumbled across FragPacks.com on this website and decided this would be perfect. 6 frags for $40 + $25 shipping. This would be the same price for 1 zoo colony at my LFS. So i thought to myself 6 small ones that will grow or 1 large one.


I then ordered my 6 pack and forgot to specify what I wanted when I sent in the order. I emailed sales@fragpack.com with the frags I prefered and later that day got a friendly reply telling me they have the info and will send me my preferred frag types. They also told me the shipping date.


Then I found out I wasn't going to be home the day of arrival. I emailed them again, got another response that they would do what ever is easiest for me. Sure enough we agreed and they sent it to me two days earlier then it was sapposed to.


Like I said I got my frags yesterday and they are exactly what I was looking for. If I get a chance I will try to get some pictures and post them. my hammer is such a beautiful neon green and most of the zoos are already opening.


All in all it was a great transaction, they were extremely helpful to meet my needs, and I will be doing business with them again for my next additions to my tank.



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2 of the 3 zoo frags (one bag came with 2 frags in it, lucky me) are doing wonderful, all open, brown with green center, and brown with orange center. the other one had fallen over from where I had placed it earlier so it needs to be repositioned, not sure its color yet.


The mushroom is large and purple/blue/green with 1 baby one next to it. They are doing great.


I didnt know what to think about the Trumpet coral but when I fed the tank today it opened up and it was glorious.(look at LPS section for picture orf the actual frag i got it from).


And my favorite, the Hammer, has opened from 1 inch long to 3 inches today. I am so impressed with this thing. If you go to the web site you can see the picture of the frag I got it from in the LPS section (it has bright green tips).


I dont know the ID of the last one I recieved, hopefully I can find out soon. It is some kind of red sps coral.


Another great part about this whole experience is that I didnt know the name of most of these corals. but after recieving them I went researching to learn more about the ones I now own, and I have become a smarter reefer because of it.


Just wanted to update, If i can borrow my friends digital I may be able to post pics within the next few days.




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Thanks Folks,


We are trying harder everyday to improve our product and customer service!


Glad you liked the Hammer! most LPS in our Nano Packs will appear small in the bag when you receive them but the heads themselves once acclimated to your tank will be much larger than you'd expect :)


Zoanthids and SPS packs will be online shortly. These packs will be WYSIWYG based off current stock and the pictures on the website will reflect what your getting :)


- FragPacks.com

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Yes! Got my eagle eye zoo's and metallic green frogspawn today from fragpacks.com!


Duuuuuude...these zoo's are crazy! So much better looking than the rest of mine (and I've gotten all my zoo's from online and from reputable places). And they've opened up the FASTEST i've seen so far.


AND there were other polyps on the eagle eye rock as well! I also got another type of zoo (not sure what the common name for it is) and it looks crazy good too...all of them were fully open within an hour or two; some started to open right when I put the bag into the tank during acclimation!


Metallic frogspawn is starting to open up as well...I think it has a lil more to go, but I'll post pics of everything soon.

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This is exactly the reason I've been coming to this forum! To find a place to buy quality corals for my tank! The glowing reviews of fragpacks.com, plus their unbeatable prices mean I'm placing an order asap!


Thanks nano-reef.com and fragpacks.com!

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Okay, couldn't set-up my metal halides today, so these actinic blue pics should suffice for now...


Pic of fragpacks.com's awesome metallic green frogspawn!



Awesome eagle eyes...



A freebie! Thanks, Jim!



These guys are all healthy and super colorful...can't wait to see em once I get my MH's set up!

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I just ordered my 12 coral frag pack yesterday and I am expecting it friday. I am very excited!!! I IMed the guy and he answered all of my questions. I had a few more questions so I called. There was no answer, so I just hung up thinking that it would just be easier to call them back later and about 15 minutes later my phone rang and it was Jim. He just called me back from the caller ID. GREAT GREAT Experience with fragpacks.com so far. I will let ya all know what kind of exciting stuff I get. I just told him to suprise me and that I wanted a very colorful tank. Can't wait!!!

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You are definately right tigah! I ordered today and talked to the "man" on the phone. Kickin service. Was very kind and easy to talk to. Prices are reasonable and they also have a forum to show how to tank care of your husbandry issues. COOL! I can't wait for mine. I expect it on next Wed. Good luck bro!B)

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Yup...Jim got mad customer service.


I ordered 1 coral earlier this week. And probably gonna add 2 or 3 more before he ships them tomorrow...


Christmas for me in Oct...

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