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aquaprop.com did me right!


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I have to say my first-time experience w/ aquaprop.com was AMAZING in terms of customer service (and of course zoo selection, but that goes w/o saying for us Socal folks looking for local places)...


Basically I ordered 2 frags online...Didn't want to pay shipping, so I requested Sunday pick-up...but I failed to notice the sign showing that Brian would be away on vacation that day. So he ends up calling me, and I suggested that I just pay for shipping and have it delivered since I couldn't make it out to Pasadena this week.


He reluctantly agreed since he felt weird about charging me for such a local distance, but gave me a discount since I was so freaking close. But I changed my mind AGAIN, and called him to switch it back to pick-up after I already paypaled the shipping cost.


Of course, Brian was extremly accomodating and didn't mind my fickleness, and on top of that, he even said that he could deliver personally to my door at no extra charge!!!


Now THAT is what I call AMAZING customer service. And yes, I know this is an isolated incident b/c he just happened to be in the area anyway, and I know Brian is not a (as he referred to himself) a "pizza delivery guy," but just the fact that he did it shows that he's got some integrity and he's an all around nice guy. And sure enuf, as stated, he arrived at my door w/ the frags the very next day!


Do check out his website. He updates frequently, and willing to help you out if you drop him an email. A+ for you, Brian! I love my blue/purple zoo's!

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