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pic of my train wreck, uh, nano, day 13


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Hello everyone, Just wanted to update you on my saltwater disaster. ;) I am aware of my sp. gr. being too low. Have been topping off with RO saltwater from LFS, but having problems getting it to raise much above 1.022. I am getting a little frustrated because I really thought I would be seeing more action by now in terms of ammonia production. My wife hates my nano and can't see any good in it, so I guess I'm getting a little impatient to get it going to prove to her it will be nice. :blush: How am I doing? Please hit me with any suggestions. Thanks!!!


Below are my journal entries:


September 8th, 2004

added 7 more lbs of LR. This LR looks much better than previous live rock with abundant plant life to hopefully initiate nitrogen cycle.


September 13th, 2004

temp. 78 degrees

sp. gravity 1.022 (hydrometer seems imprecise today)

Nitrate <10 ppm (trace pink)

Ammonia <.025 ppm (trace color)

Nitrite < .1 ppm (trace color)

pH 8.3

noticing some brown algae growth on sand bed and on magnetic algae cleaner.




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That's some nice algae you got growing there, I like it. If you can't find any traces maybe then there was only minimal die off and the algae help absorb some of the nitrates. I say do a 25% water change and add some shrooms. To get the spef. grav up when you do the water change make it saltier, but I see no need to change it. Add some hermits and maybe a few margarita snails, to help control your diatom bloom.

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Thanks for the tips! I guess I was scared to add any livestock at all (other than LR and LS) until my tank had officially "cycled." I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world if a snail died, though.

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