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Skimmer Question -- IM Skim Mate Ghost Protein Skimmer


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I have a Nuvo 10 and just recently purchased the Ghost Protein Skimmer.  As this is the first time I've used a skimmer I just want to make sure I'm doing it right.  It's on its 3rd week of breaking in but I'm not getting a lot dark skim in the cup yet.  I have the cup all the way down and I'm seeing some foam come up but the liquid is still clear-ish (just slightly brown).  Just wondering if I should be doing anything different or if its just still breaking in?:  No fish, just invertebrates and corals in the tank right now.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Probably not enough poop, I occasionally run a skimmer on my IM 10 but I have a Mantis shrimp who hides rotting corpses  so I need a robust filtration system, when I slack and don't feed a similar scenario occurs and I will shut off the skimmer.  Also to get dark skimmate the cup should be all the way up not down.  You will get less total volume of skimmate but what you do get will be more concentrated and alter your salinity less.  If you don't plan on getting fish maybe you don't need one as in 10g you can do a weekly 50% WC super easy and alleviate the need to skim.  Also don't forget to remove the needle valve cap that comes with the ghost, it's only there for breaking in the skimmer by throttling air intake, I always remove the cap entirely allowing the skimmer 100% air intake.

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