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JBJ RL 30 AIO Equipment

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Hi all,


Unfortunately I have been out of the hobby for too long (~10 years) and I really wanted to get my kids/family and myself back into it.


I was fortunate to find a really great deal on the JBJ Rimless 30g AIO w/stand so I decided to pull the trigger.  I am just having trouble picking out the equipment.  I always kept softies but I really want to adventure into SPS with maybe a couple of clowns and a wrasse.




I am most likely going to go with a Kessil A360W-E Tuna Blue or the 100W Maxspect Razor X LED Lighting Fixture by CoralVue.  Undetermined 




Intank Media Basket


Most likely upgrade the return pump to one, not sure where to even start.


As far as skimmer, not even sure where to start.  Mix reviews with the Tunze and I really don’t like the HOB designs.


Media Reactors, unfortunately I have been craving a Refugium since I have been in the hobby but I don’t think it’s feasible unless I hang one off the back.  Other than that I was thinking I might need to run a bio pellet reactor at some point along with carbon/phosban reactor as well.


I will run an ATO, just trying to pick one out (when did the hobby get so expensive 😂)


Can I bypass a lot of this equipment with 5 gallon weekly or bi-weekly water changes?  I just remember running a slimmer an chaeto in my 28 gallon nano and it helped but I never ventured into SPS land.  I have also kicked around the idea of taking the false back out and putting an overflow with a nice cube sump/Refugium in the stand but that would maybe defeat the whole AIO purpose and I would rather not go crazy with the $$.


Any help or direction kick starting me back into this would be greatly appreciated.


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