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Creatures on my glass 👽👽

Mike P

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Anyone know what these things are? I noticed several of them on my glass and the white oval one moves pretty fast. Should I be concerned?? After almost a year of running my tank seems like I’m seeing more tiny creatures that I have not noticed before. I saw a tiny worm thing swimming really fast when all the lights went out the other day, but haven’t seen it since. They other day I also saw two other things swimming on the surface of the water but I siphoned those out






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the first looks like a feather duster worm that is out of its shell


the second....if it has long whisker like endings it is most likely a tubeworm

feather dusters are good for your tank as they are filter feeders


tubeworms wont harm anything as long as their numbers dont spiral out of control


if it does not have the whiskers it could be flatworms


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