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Coral Vue Hydros

Jack's 10 year old 20g Tall


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14 hours ago, Mrs. Limpet said:

I sold my tank when I moved. Nice to see they can survive moves. Very nice rockscape. 

Thanks! My tank has definitely put on a lot of miles and at least of my LPS and softies are still alive after all this time. After my first move, I just made it a habit to sell off all of my SPS before moving and starting over with them after settling down for a year or so. They grow so fast anyway!

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Every couple of years, my bowerbankii will add a new polyp or two and then grow them over the next few years. The colony continues getting bigger, but the same number of polyps. It decided this was the year to add new polyps and in addition to this one, it's got a few more around back!




Also found a picture on my camera of this coral from 2014 - not exactly as good looking back then!


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Finally cut up my red monti cap and mounted it on the right side of the tank. Everything is growing in nicely, even though the cap took a little damage getting cut up. The micromussa is absurdly bright and makes taking a picture of everything without getting entirely blown out really difficult!



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Another two-month updated FTS. Lost a little color in some of my acros since I've been kind of lazy with the tank and only changed the water 3-4 times in the last couple months with the nicer weather, but they are still growing like mad. Nems and LPS are loving the dirty water. With the red monti cap mounted, I've only got a few more things to mount and I can be done with my little hospital rock on the lower left. My birdsnest is still looking all raggedy and bleached even though it's growing - I've had it almost a year now, so hopefully in the next 6 months it'll finally adapt and start coloring up again.



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A few weeks ago I also got a pretty cool little red/purple and blue chalice frag to put in the shade with the sponges and add a little more color to the blank, shaded area below my nems. If this guy does well, maybe I'll make a little chalice garden in the shade.



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It's been a month since my Wrasse injured his eye, and it's all healed, but he is fully blind in one eye. While he wasn't handling it too great in the first few days and getting picked on by the clowns, he has adapted incredibly well and the clowns stopped bothering him. He just swims in really tight circles in the direction of his good eye to lock onto food and than takes off like a missile for it just like he always did.


His bad eye does look like a zombie eye though! Still looking great for a wrasse past the top end of his lifespan.



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My Micromussa Amakusensis also decided to eat a live Asterina and I caught the struggle on camera: View Timelapse


Since NR Doesn't like Embedded GIFs, here some stills:


Asterina Fighting off the Micro:



Asterina being overpowered, but still fighting to get out



Asterina clearly lost and is being digested as a mush:


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While taking pictures of the micro eating the starfish, also got a couple closer-in pictures of the micro actually growing up the underside of my monti capi and attacking it. This thing isn't getting overgrown anytime soon:



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The acros that aren't fighting are also exploding with growth too. My WWC Yellow Tips definitely isn't a little frag anymore. Another 6 months, assuming I don't screw things up, things are really going to be looking good.



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My Red Robin is plating and has finally made it to the colony of colonial hydroids that has been in my tank for years now. I was worried what would happen, but it appears that acros can fight off and plate right over colonial hydroids just fine!



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I've been slacking off lately with the nice weather, but brought my alkalinity and temperature down slowly to around 6 dkh and 77 degrees to slow everything down to a crawl and keep everything alive while I wasn't paying any attention for the past 3 months. But, my tank just turned 9 years old this month so I figured I'd post a cool shot of some of the growth I did get. I plan on bringing my levels back up to normal over the next few months and get back on top of things. Hopefully when this tank looks 10, it'll actually look like a tank that's 10 years old.




My little frag of WWC Yellow Tips grew quite a bit, my monti grew a ton and had to be trimmed back, and as always, my micromussa continues it's steady growth.

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51 minutes ago, frahny said:

This thread is dope, nice work and I love how simple this is.

Thanks, I appreciate it! It used to be a lot more complex, but over the years I've stripped all of the unneeded stuff out and I've got no reason to change it now.

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6 minutes ago, Nano sapiens said:

Looking good!  Nice to see another nano getting towards the 10 year mark.

Thanks! It's so weird when your tank is almost as old as one of your biggest inspirations through the years and all of the others just aren't running anymore. Maybe if my tank didn't spend so much time travelling the country, it'd look closer to halfway as nice as your tank is. Maybe by the time it hits 15!

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15 minutes ago, jservedio said:

Thanks! It's so weird when your tank is almost as old as one of your biggest inspirations through the years and all of the others just aren't running anymore. Maybe if my tank didn't spend so much time travelling the country, it'd look closer to halfway as nice as your tank is. Maybe by the time it hits 15!

The fact that you have kept your tank going for 9+ years throughout all the moves is remarkable! 


Thanks for the nice comments, but my nano is just set up for ease of maintenance more than anything else.  When the animals grow in from frags over many years, the overall look becomes more 'natural' as time goes on.

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I got a pretty good shot of my "orange crush" echinata that always gets cut out of FTS shots that I haven't posted a picture of in about 6 months, but has awesome colors. It's a mound that's about 3" in diameter at the base that I've had for at least 8 years. A year ago this was pretty much totally bleached.



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