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Red Sea AquaVase


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1. do yo research

2. add lr plus ls and cycle the tank

3. constanlty top of water and keep params stable.

4. add low light corals like zoos and srooms

5. Take care of them by supplimenting them with calcium,iodine,etc

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The articles are awesome, definately check them out. I would suggest against fish too, those are insanely too small. You would have horrible algae problems after a while that's if the fish stays alive. And remember you have to feed the fish, that means detritus will build up real fast, and the fish poop will be highly visible. Most people wouldn't even put a fish in a two gallon.... :)


Get a test kit first (ammonia, PH, Nitrate, Nitrite, and a hydrometer), you NEED to be able to see what is happening with your water chemistry. Use RO water (specially filtered water) you can buy some from the water machine at the local grocery store. If you use tap water depending on your area you may have a serious algae bloom.


Live rock pieces would help alot, some people use a bit of macro algae to help with the filtering. Remove the biomedia from the tiny filter or you will have algae problems. I'd put small pieces of live rock in there instead, extra rock can't hurt.


You would have to check it everyday to top it off, evaporation can change the enviornment fast in the small tanks, too stressful for fish, really, they need stability or they get sick. A hermit and a snail and maybe one small shrimp (later) when you get the hang of the tank and keep it stable. My local fish store has one running....it's funny they have aphasia in it and a emerald crab with liverock frags and some macroalgae. Neat little setup and they say no fish, too.


Some people use live sand for the bottom, I don't because to me it is a detritus trap, it was the cause of my last tank (20gal long) going belly up. I just use the bare bottom now, works much better, for me anyway.


You would need to change the water often for such a small tank. I change my 5 gallon once a week, about 30 percent. The new water needs to match the old water so you don't stress your animals.


Definately read the boards and do searches, this website is a goldmine for information. It's good to experement but you must use common sense...you wouldn't enjoy life if you were stuck in a tiny closet, neither would a fish. :)

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As for corals, I would start with the easy ones, mushrooms and some polyps and zoos. They are more tolerant of the mistakes new reefers make, and will be basically happy with the light that vase comes with.


Wait a few weeks until the tank is stable first before adding them or you will end up with expensive goo and a dead tank. STAY WAY FROM ANEMONIES! They get too big, need stable conditions and tend to need more light, they move around and sting everything and can get sucked into the filter (anemonie puree ewww) and if they die kiss your tank goodbye in such a small volume of water. :*(


Some people like to shorten the stalk the light is on to get it closer to the water, that's what my local fish store (lfs) did.


Hope this helps, from one newbie to another. :)

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