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34 minutes ago, vash028 said:

Looking to get a Nuvo 20 and a protein skimmer and I’m wondering how loud the setup is. I want to setup a really quite system and throwing around some options 

A really quite what system?

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7 hours ago, MrJDanP said:

Their stock return pumps tend to be fairly loud and cant think of anyone who hasn't replaced them for that reason. Can't speak on the skimmer

I didn't experience this on my IM 30l.  If you want it super quiet just drop the skimmer, maybe replace the return pump with a small DC pump and you should be good to go. 

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I remember my IM pump being somewhat loud but it "broke in" and got quieter.  I replaced it for a lower flow pump actually (in my lagoon 25).  I also use the IM Ghost Skimmer...took a while for me to figure out you had to open up the valve on top, and everyone said that would make it super loud.  I don't find it all that loud.  Not to the point of ever considering a different skimmer due to volume, that's for sure.

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35 minutes ago, vash028 said:


Nano-Reef tends to keep old threads.  You can edit your initial post and your own responses, but you cannot delete posts or the entire thread.  However, if things were to somehow get out of hand, a moderator can close a thread to further replies.  However, typically, one would just say thanks for the replies, and the thread would die on it's own.

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