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Bluegrass State Fusion Nano 20

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Been away from the form awhile.....Just wanted to start a journal about my newest nano salt tank. I combined all my previous tanks into this new one. 


Here are the stats::::::::::::


Tank:     IM Fusion Nano 20


Lights:   Left Side-    Lumini Aqua Asta 120 

                 Right Side-   AI Prime HD


Water     Stock Pump

Flow:      IceCap 1k Gyre with one side


Misc:  Reef Glass Nano Protein Skimmer


Residents:  Two Clown Fish

                     One Blue Sapphire Damselfish

                     One Peppermint Shrimp

                      Various Hermit Crabs

                      Various Snails

                      Various Coral


All of this is on a handmade stand that was covered with distressed wood and with a custom swinging door/organizer. 

I have had the tank running for about 3 months now ( the contents came from tanks that were running about a year)


My goal with this tank is to grow out the current coral I have and get it nice and full looking. Trying to keep it low maintenance right now. 







IMG_4544 (1).jpeg



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Just an update to the tank: IMG_4674.thumb.jpeg.133858063f401b36217439a9f31744c5.jpeg

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WV Reefer
7 minutes ago, Coldcloud said:

Just an update to the tank: IMG_4674.thumb.jpeg.133858063f401b36217439a9f31744c5.jpeg

Looks nice. 😊

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