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150W 14000K MH lighting for 8 gal


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Just thought I'd post a quick one. Would a 150W 14000k MH setup be suitable for a 8 gal tank?


I'm having trouble finding a lighting setup for my tank and found a great deal on the MH setup mentioned above. It is 140mm x 230mm x 140 mm high.


After lighting my tank is complete! Its already cycled and waiting for livestock (I don't really want to put anything in there without lighting, even though I know fish would be fine :) ).

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I have no solid plan of what I want to keep yet! I know lighting depends on the type of coral you want to keep but do you think this is not enough for SPS coral or too much for LPS coral?


My sketchy plan is to have an anemone and a clown, maybe a brain coral. Mainly I'm thinking sps at the moment.


*exposes his relative ignorance to unsuspecting people in the park* :(

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