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Rust? Spots on new carbon block?


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After one day of use, generating about 40 gallons of water, I am seeing what looks like rust spots on my carbon block. As you can see, the first sediment block is still pure white. So it shouldn't be iron getting thru....  TDS of source is only 25 to 30, so not dealing with crazy mineral laden source water either.


Anyone ever see this before?





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2 hours ago, seabass said:

That's a little strange.  What brand of carbon block is it?

"Aquaboon", which I have never heard of before.  It claims to be coconut shell carbon.  As long as it seems to be putting out clean water, I am not going to be super worried.  But next time I will go with a better brand.

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Well....either the carbon is clean inside or the ro membrane/di stage is catching it. Haha. Still rocking my membrane and DI from when I last used the system 6 years ago. The sediment and carbons are new, but my membrane and DI are not. So I am not mad if I ruin my membrane or DI.  Have replacements for when things explode one day. Haha. 

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