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Returning from 6-year hiatus


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Hey all,


I'm officially back!   I left the hobby around 2012 to finish up school and focus on career and family, but now i'm back.


I recently picked up a tank from a guy who was getting out of the hobby and am getting the tank dialed in and set up how I like it.  Here is what I have going.


38 gallon Innovative Marine AIO tank

360w Kessil


Sicce return

Innovatie Marine skimmer (not currently in tank)



Occelaris clown

Lubbock's wrasse

trumpet coral

2 x acan frags

2 x zoa frags



Hoping to clean the media out of the back and convert one of the chambers in to a refugium while also making some magnetic LR pieces to fix to the back wall of the tank.  Will add pics soon, I just wanted to reintroduce myself so I have a place to come for advise from other hobbyists.  The longterm goal is to build a 50 (ish) display tank in addition to this tank, but I need to ease my wife back in to the hobby!

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We need to start a back after 6 years club. I also recently returned and I have noticed a few others who also seem to be back after 4-6 years.  What should we name our secret club?

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I'll get pics up this weekend.   Couple issues getting my new stuff setup.  Sicce return pumped showed up with euro-style prongs and had to send back.  One of the pumps I had in the tank (koralia) was leaking stray voltage and lit me up the other day.  The icing on the cake was that the MP40 I bought off ebay wasn't as described.  It works well but is pretty beat and I decided to replace it.


Either way, i'm getting stuff situated today and will hopefully get some pics up soon!

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Got the sicce with the right prongs installed (the thing really is silent!) and also swapped out the beat-up MP40 i bought off ebay for the new QuietDrive MP10.   Now I am going to get the skimmer back in the tank and I should be pretty good as far as equipment goes.   The next project will be getting rid of the loose media that is in the back chamber and getting both of the overflow sections set-up how I like.  Thinking i'm going to do a mini fuge on one side with some Chaeto and rubble and will do filter sock or a media basket on the other side.


I'll get pics up today!

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Here are a couple quick pictures as promised.   Looking forward to adding corals and some other inhabitants. In the meantime I need to get a good routine going for the lights


I also have a bunch of dried out rock and I think I am going to take a small piece and use magnets to make a small shelf I can affix to the back wall. 

Tank 1.jpg

Tank 2.png

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