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Conchs are omnivores?!


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I was at my LFS tempted to get a small strawberry conch when he stated that if needed I can give it a bit of fresh frozen food at times.  I was under the impression they were purely herbivores, but upon more research see them labeled as both.  Has anybody actually seen their conch eat some meat? 😳

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AFAIK, all True conch are omnivorous. True conch being any in the Strombus genus. However, I don’t know how much of their diet is meat based, or algae based, or, what algae’s are preferred. I’ve only had two types of conch, ever. One Florida fighting conch, which lasted all of 2 minutes, before a hermit ripped it out of the shell and promptly moved in. I’ve had many of the so called nano conch. However, I’m unsure if they are a true conch. Unfortunately, I know very little about strawberry conch.

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