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Auto Water Change philosophy


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I have had the AutoAqua AWC (Auto Water Changer) for a little bit now, and Im curious to see if/how other people use them. I initially set it up to change 10% of the water every Saturday. The other day I got thinking, and reset it to change out a little bit of water every day instead, still working out to 10% per week. I feel that this will keep the levels more consistent, and I may even dose through changeout water instead of ATO being that it will be exactly the same all year round. What does everyone else do/ think?  

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I definitely think smaller and more frequent changes are ideal.  Jealous of your setup, water changes are definitely not my favorite chore. 

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Smaller changes makes parameters more stable, but overall less effective in removing waste. Let’s say your tank starts off with 50ppm of “something” and it increases at a rate of 10ppm a day, a 20% daily change would slowly converge the concentration to about 40ppm. Whereas if you do 100% every 5 days, the number fluctuates a lot but the overall average would be 36ppm. I think it’s best if you can combine the two approaches. Daily small change plus maybe bimonthly big change.


As much as I would love to have such a system, the problem with auto WC is

1) it cannot target-remove detritus

2) you’ll have to store saltwater, from which alk and calcium can precipitate out

3) another thing to potentially fail 😂

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True on all of those points. when I bought it I was just looking for an ATO. It was only 100$ more so I couldn't say no. My tank is pretty small so the 3, 5-gallon pails that fit under the stand will probably last 2 weeks. Good point about the alk and calcium, ill check the water from time to time and see how much I'm loosing over the 2 weeks.

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