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Cycling LR w/o water changes??


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I read an article online(lost the exact site, but it was one recommended by a poster here) where the author suggested that cycling of live rock in a new tank utilizing lr and ls as primary filtration should be done without any water changes at all to encourage quicker and more effective development of bacteria. He claimed that regular 10-20% water changes during cycling will retard and/or prevent proper cycling. Has anyone heard of or tried this method, or is this just a sure way to make base rock?

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I know how cycling is supposed to work, but most other sources I've checked(books, websites, others in the hobby) have recommended regular changes(as often as every other day) to keep ammonia and nitrite at a reasonable level(supposedly to protect anything living on/in the rock). Even the Tampa Bay Saltwater site (where I'm ordering my rock from) recommends regular changes to keep ammonia down( http://www.tampabaysaltwater.com/package.html ). I just want to make sure I'm using the best method before I turn my vibrant live rock into the same gray stuff I can get at the local Petco.

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i cyled florida aquacultured rock with 6 hrs of light and wcs. do the wcs when ammo. is 1 ppm. ammo. is toxic and will kill most hitch hikers on the rock. there is no "right" amount of wcs to do this - i did mostly 20% and checked the ammo. again a few hrs. later. then checked again...later. i scheduled a week off to babysit the cycle. yes water changes will prolong the cycle. your choice. mine cycled in 5 days.


worked for me.

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