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Is it possible to ovredose coral dip?

Toxic enigma

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Toxic enigma

 Yesterday I picked up a limitless staghorn, garf bonsai and an orange monti cap at one lfs then at another got a blue platygyra and a small unnamed blue and green acro. 

    When I got home I floated the bags and setup a coral dip using Revive. Insted of mixing up a full gallon I decided to try doing half a batch so I put what seemed like half a gallon in a pitcher and two cap fulls of Revive. Dropped the corals in and let them soak for five to ten minutes then went about cutting the frags off the plugs and gluing them in place. I broke the monti cap frag in four pieces trying to get it off and ended up gluing three pieces next to eachother on the rock (Google search leads me to think there's a good chance they will fuse together) and the fourth to a plug I placed on the back of the rockwork. Afterwards I spent a few hours talking to the neighbors and didn't get back till the blue lights were all that was on in both tanks, when I looked in on the new corals there was alot of white on the three acros but the platygyra and monti looked fine. 

    When I woke up I looked in both tanks and the platygyra had a bit of white skeleton showing, the limitless staghorn and unnamed blue/ green acro were completely white with brown where the polyps would be, the garf had alot of white but still some darkish purple on the body and polyps were still green. The monti cap seems a bit brown but otherwise fine. 

 All other corals in both tanks are just fine. So I have to wonder if I overdosed the Revive, and if there is a chance they might recover? Has this happened to anyone else? Sorry about the bad pictures but hard to get a good shot with a phone.






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