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My new Nano Cube


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Stock. I would like to put a higher watt bulb in it but I dont want to have to go retrofit with it or anything. I am still researching what others with the nano cube have done.

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Hey mgalyk, I'm thinking of getting one of those nano-cubes myself and after looking at yours, it's no longer a thought - I'm going to get one now. Coulple questions for you...


1). How much live rock is in there?

2). How long are you going to let it cycle?


Looks great by the way!!

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hey trigger71

you should wait for the delux to come out, ppl on this forum are saying anyday now

comes with dual fans and 2 (24w) 50/50 this way you wont have to retrofit another one, unless you want like 80w to keep more demanding corals

just a thought

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People keep talking about how the JBJ Nano Cube Delux hasnt come out yet. But i purchased one at my LFS about 2 weeks ago that has the dual cooling fans. Isnt this the new deluxe model?

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I have had mine for about 2 weeks. I have around 20 lbs of live rock. I checked my water yesterday and my Nitrites are 0 and my Nitrates are around 10 to 20 ppm. So I think I am about ready to start adding some Crabs and Snails. I have a 55 gal reef tank that I have had for about 2 years and after about a week I took a couple of Turbo snails from that tank and put them in the nano and they are going to town on the algea. I am very pleased with the nano cubeB)

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The model you saw was the updated version of the original nano cube. They added fans. The new model has 48 watts of CF.


David in DC

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I have two new deluxe nano cubes coming tomorrow. I was thinking about supplementing the 48 watts of CF with a metal halide so that I can keep a clam. Suggestion/concerns?




PS What other mods should be considered?

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