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Coral Vue Hydros



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Hi all,


As I do not have any corals to brag about yet, I guess I will have to settle with the growth success/horror stories of my fellow reefers.


Show is what you got. Give us some info/tips. Comparison pics are always fun!




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Daylight pic is from a couple years ago, moonlighting pic is recent.


My poor forest fire digita—survived dinos, hair algae, and cyano.  It even started to bleach out as you can see from the original pic.  


Yet, once I rebooted my tank, started dosing, and got turbulent massive flow going...it colored up significantly and is closing over very quickly on any bare spots left.  I anticipate I’ll have to frag it later this year.


Duncans, just feed them and they explode into bouquets, they eat everything. I am considering cutting back feeding this one directly as it just keeps getting more and more heads. 


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Don't have access to the first pics


But the birdsnest started as 1 stick and now has been fragged at least 7 times in 2 yrs.


Acan started as half a damaged head, now has 10 + 


Plate was less than dime size a few mnths ago




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Pretty pleased with how this lepto is doing. First photo is may 26th and second is about five minutes ago. Color looks different cause I cranked the white up for a better picture. 



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I never took a before photo of any corals, and I don't have a good camera or phone, so the photo doesn't do justice, looks way better in person. 


First picture was start of June, 2nd photo was a month later roughly, and now there are 2.


bubble tip.jpg

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2 hours ago, squamptonbc said:


First picture was start of June, 2nd photo was a month later roughly, and now there are 2.

Wow huge difference!

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