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So I was tasked to setup and build out this 120 deep blue with 40gallon custom sump0D4FAED9-E01C-477F-BD29-3F476F6A3AEF.thumb.jpeg.58d0c9e504dc565e7a00a2f1f2868a0e.jpeg

the lights are for Fowler tanks but they are want to have and grow coral 

so those will be replaced, with some aqua illuminations..They are also going to buy wave makers, so no need to worry about that. It already has a reef octopus skimmer, dual return pump, GFO reactor, and CO2 scrubber.


what takes the cake is that it needs to be filled ASAP cause they’re worried about the smell.. they just purchased and got a sweet deal on it, and apparently holds water. The silicone looks great with no issues of wear and tear. Looks as if the tank might be 2-3 years old. 


I believe it’s going to be pretty simple kind  of like a “plug and play” 

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Buy a few gallons of vinegar, and start cleaning. :smilie:


I suppose it's nice not to have to mess with anything, but I really like setting up new tanks.  Have fun!

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Well it took about 170 gallons of RO and about 50$ for a case of IO reef crystals. I chose to go with IO since it’s

1. Cheap

2. There’s no livestock 

3. It’s going through the Bacteria cycle.


i was kind enough (charged them 40$) that I took out one of my biobricks and put it into their sump, to help with the cycling process. I think it will take less than a week for it to be fish/coral ready.


now I am tasked to make it a ultra low maintenance system, my thoughts is to make it a triton setup. Especially since half the sump is a refugium 



here it is full of water, wave maker is coming in the mail today (apparently)

lights and brackets are coming in next week. They’re wanting to do a combo of 2 AI primes and 2 XR15’s 


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I wrapped up the wiring to their Specifics


Filled thei 18gallon ato reservoir and setup their auto aqua smart ATO/AWC



Almost done with the sump setup

Put in a waterproof light and some grow lights


Well I dropped by to check in some water parameters cause I decided to put in one if my biobricks from one of my established systems after initial fill up85ECACC4-83B9-4DDE-8662-958ECE6DE3E2.thumb.jpeg.5b6ac438724463f99976aad466f61b99.jpeg

it is Surprising what just one of these biobricks will do to cycle  a tank in less than a week especially if it comes from a well-established system.  



All the water parameters were in perfect order so I informed them they could start stocking it. They didn’t want to go through acclimation and purchase so they gave me a list of what they want


two clownfish

diamond goby

three green chromis

and 5 trochus snails

 This is what was put in yesterday. 


They en want to put in more clowns and have a harem.. I’ll have to ask my LFS if I can get a discount if I were to purchase 8 more lol


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It's a fairly ambitious concept.  The heavy bioload could present all sorts of difficulties (especially in such a young tank).  Which is one of the reasons that I linked that BRS series.


Are they planning to employ you to care for this tank?  If so, I'd consider steering them in a new direction.  I'd hate for you to get blamed for the inevitable problems/ugliness.  At least make them aware up front not to expect everything to go "swimmingly".


If they are expert aquarists, and will be caring for it themselves, then that's another thing.  But then, why wouldn't they just set it up?

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They’re having me manage and maintain the tank. I have been trying to inform them and steer them away from the huge bioload in the initial start up. And explained numerous times the tank will become/go thru an “ugly stage” 


its like beating a dead horse at times but explaining a complex ecosystem such as the ocean wasn’t established within a month it took millions of years to be a perfect/imperfect ecosystem. 


Yet i stop by once/twice a week for water testing/changes cause it’s still new. Then comes the “why is this brown stuff covering the rocks”... “it’s an excess of nutrients and it’s being consumed by a nuisance algae” lol and classically I get the retort “well fix it” ?‍♂️


So today i noticed while doing a water change, two of the chromis are missing and there’s a new long tentacle anemone.

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