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Hey peeps


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Ok... im back!! went through some hard times in life in the past year.... prolly the hardest ill ever go through.... so now things are good and i have some time on my hands so im looking to setup a tank.... i did have a 5.5 with 70w MH with 4-13watt PC... i also had a 75gal with 2-250w MH... it was all nice but i wanna start over.... im looking to start a 40long....

Not too big but not too small.. yanno?? anyways..


i think 2-70w MH would be perfect with some vho....


since ive been gone for so long... where can i pick up some ballast from...


any suggestion would help on settin up a tank like this..


i havent been around for awhile now so i dunno whats new or what....



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Welcome back, glad to hear things are going good for you. There's a guy on here by the name of LampDr. who sells 70watt kits and he sells ballast and bulbs too I think. He also is in Florida too.

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yeh.. im diggin the shape... i plan on haviin high rocks on the side with a nice clam valley in the middle....


anywhere else besides hellolights??


looking for something cheaper


oh yeh.. ive got plenty of room for a tank...

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