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Aqua Splendor

Aquatic Life Hybrid, T5 + LED, a video with data

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Aqua Splendor

Hello Nano reefers, i made a video in that light, i try my best to provide some data (and personal opinion).

I must admit at the very first time i turn on the T5 i was a little bit disappointed, i had some weird high expectation but with time i was please with the look.
Theres 2 main reasons why i wanted this, #1 to reduce the shimmer of the Kessil, #2 getting more light surface area

I decide to buy (the most expansive object for it's value) a good PAR meter to get some data.

I got surprise how well the kessil was actually covering, and i also got surprise with the front corner of my aquarium, it seem that the light bounce there, not sure if it's just bad reading or something else.

I didn't understood why they didn't design some hole to get the power outlet on the same side, so i made modification so the electric cords goes on the same side, way more cleaner look like this !

This light is very simple, yet it's effective with the ballast, i think the price should be a bit lower for what it is but, eh, they know what they are doing ;).

Eventually i will do a video comparaison with all T5 Color but... when i got a proper camera, waiting (and saving money) for a special camera to come.


I heard some other company want to "copy" this kind of light Combo, i'm curious to know wich one it is, if you heard something about this let me know, very curious !



This was my very first time i was doing a video like this, i waited a month to get the par meter before releasing the video, i cut a lot of talk so the video is more compact. It's a bit hard when it's your first time :P. I'm not new to this forum, just a new account 🙂


Glad Nano Reef got a booth for Macna (i might go there or... China?)

Thank you

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Those are a cool option.  Thanks for the video

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Aqua Splendor

Thank you, i found a petshop to get giesmann T5 so will see in couple months 🙂

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