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acropora polyps

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So I have more experience with softies, LPS, and some montipora...  Need some wisdom on acropora, got a red planet acropora a month ago and noticed it's changing some color--not losing it just gaining other color--and growing.  Yet, I have noticed that polyps on one side seem to be smoothing out on one of the frags I have.  That side seems to have less polyps now and is a part not directly facing flow and doesn't have as intense lighting, as the coral curves a little.  Is it merely adapting to flow and lighting and changing it's polyp arrangement or is this something to even be concerned about?



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im new to the hobby but i have also noticed the same thing. i did a test on a small $5 acro frag to see what the cause was by rotating the frag piece and i learned that it was caused by lower light and it was just adapting. dont know about flow though. hope this helps


what light do you have?

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I figured as much, otherwise it wouldn’t be growing, kewl TY. Just the stock pro LEDs in my jbj 28. 

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