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Refugium Light Recommendations


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Anyone have recommendations on a refugium light for my IM Fusion 30L?  Want something which will go on the back of the tank and be hidden from view.  Was looking at these two options, but am open to other ideas.  Thanks!




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A Little Blue
2 minutes ago, specore said:

Can the Kessil be attached to the back glass?

Yes it can (that’s how it’s mounted in my setup). But that depends on your setup. 

Chaeto Max is cheaper and should work just as well and it is better suited for what you’re trying to achieve. 

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There are many affordable options.


You don't need to spend $50+ l

on a refugium light.


Most use Phillip's par daylight bulbs that are under $20.



The cheap light you posted will work just fine. Quite a few hobbiests have used it. 



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I just bought the cheaper of the two lights you posted and haven't hooked it up just yet but I can tell you it is bright. Like way too bright. I stuck some painters tape over 3/4 of it and it seems like it will work. Right now I am using another cheapo light to grow cheato and  it was too bright too and turning my cheato white, so I used the painters tape on it too then my cheato took off and looks good. The only reason I bought the one you listed is bc salt water got on the one I have and the connections rusted causing the light to blink.. this is what I am using now and know it works when you tape it to the back of a biocube 32. It's only blue and white LEDs but it grows cheato like a champ.. I can send you a pic of the growth when i get home if you would like


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